A Brief Guide to TRAVELLING

Travelling means the movement of individuals between different, usually very far distant geographical locations. Travelling can be a single trip or multiple trip, and generally can be one way travel or around trip. Single trip travel is the most obvious type of travel, where you go from point A to point B, either via road or air. Multiple trip travel is more complicated. It can take several routes or take various routes around a destination. In fact, multiple trip travel can sometimes be called “around the world” travel, as you go around various countries or regions.


Now, let’s examine some of the common types of travelling. The most familiar one is motor vehicle travel, commonly termed driving, because it involves moving from one place to another, usually with the use of a vehicle. Moving from one point to another by car requires some planning, especially if your route requires travelling through an urban area. Travelling by bus or truck would require much less planning. Still, the process of planning for these kinds of trips can still use up a lot of time, leading to much more travelling overall than just driving.

Another common form of travelling is bicycling, which takes the form of a continuous round trip travelling activity. Traveling by bike can be a rewarding, low-stress activity that lets you explore a large variety of locations in a relatively short period of time. However, it is also a painstaking, energy-consuming activity. The difficulty level of cycling varies widely, with some cyclists barely having to exert any effort at all, while others have to pedal all throughout the journey. Thus, some cyclists prefer to simply ride the bicycle from one place to another instead of using it to complete their journey.

Another form of traveling that is increasingly gaining popularity is car sharing. In a nutshell, car sharing means that a set number of cars are shared among a set number of users. For instance, a group of five people could share a car in San Francisco, while Toronto residents could share a car in Kitchener. The concept is quite similar to that of airing, in that some people find car sharing more cost-effective and convenient than actually buying their own vehicle. Still, both these forms of traveling make a great contribution to the reduction of greenhouse gases.

One of the reasons why people travel is for the purpose of exploring a particular place. There are countless instances when people go on pilgrimage to visit holy places or to buy the artifacts of a religious faith. Other times, people travel for business purposes. There are even instances when people travel just for the sake of exploring. Whatever the reason for a person’s travel, it is important that they fully appreciate the extent to which travelling reduces their carbon footprint.

Traveling is also good for the soul. Many people have reported having religious experiences while travelling, either as a result of meeting new people or as a consequence of spending time with those whom they have come in contact with during their travels. Travelling enervates the mind from the stress and strain of day-to-day life. It requires the individual to be away from the familiar, the routine, and the monotony of everyday life. Whether it is in the form of a holiday or a weekend break, or simply some days off from work, travelling is a great way to recharge the mind and to revitalize one’s soul.