Holiday Season: Why You Should Celebrate Holidays

A holiday is an agreed day set apart by law or custom, where normal daily activities, particularly work or school including church, are either suspended or significantly reduced. In general, public holidays are planned to let people to celebrate or commemoration of an event or principle of personal or cultural importance. Holidays may also be annual events marking the passage of years. Some common public holidays are Christmas, Good Friday, Valentine’s Day, Independence Day, Saint Valentine’s Day and Halloween.


The main reason behind public holidays is to allow people to participate in some form of social activity or sporting event. They are usually observed at a time when there is high consumer demand for products or services. For instance, school holidays would be a good time to shop or visit school. On the other hand, an annual picnic may also be organized in order to allow individuals and families to spend quality time together. Holidays have become a very important social occasion that brings people together. They are also a time for giving thanks or expressing sorrow for whatever reason it may be.

The main reason behind a public holiday is to allow individuals and families to participate in some form of social activity or sporting event. As mentioned above, most of the holidays observed around the world are holidays observed in order to allow individuals and families to engage in some form of social activity or sporting event. Most of the holidays observed around the world are devoted to one or more of the principal religions in the country, in particular, Christianity. A typical Christmas holiday would involve gifts being exchanged between friends and family members. A Valentine’s Day holiday would include romantic dinners, gift giving, candy canes and other types of gifts for special occasions.

Some of the popular public holidays around the world are: New Year’s Day, Good Friday, Christmas and Hanukkah (as well as all of the secondary names). Normally, during the period of the Christmas holiday, families and friends gather together to have dinner, celebrate and share good wishes. On the other hand, a New Year’s Day normally involves a lot of dancing, eating and drinking in the hopes of obtaining wealth and luck for the upcoming year. A good example of a New Year’s Day holiday would be the Super Bowl party. All parties, large and small, celebrate New Year’s Day in the same way.

As far as the main reason behind a public holiday in North America goes, it is usually to commemorate a national day or celebration. The first public holiday after the winter solstice was the celebration of Thanksgiving. This particular holiday allows individuals and families to eat foods traditionally associated with that particular day. Thanksgiving feasts may include pumpkin pie, cranberry juice and other sweet foods. In addition, alcoholic beverages like wine are not allowed on Thanksgiving day.

In general, the most well-known holidays in the United States are Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Good Friday, and Hanukkah. These holidays generally involve food and drink, and most involve a social gathering of friends and family. Although most Americans are familiar with these holidays, only a relatively small percentage of the population actually celebrates each one on a daily basis. This fact makes them incredibly popular for many reasons. People love the opportunity to share good wishes and good experiences with friends and loved ones, and people enjoy the opportunity to participate in the wider culture through these holidays.