Holidays in India Are Very Famous

A holiday is an idyllic day set aside in history, tradition or by law where normal everyday activities, particularly work or school including church, are either suspended or limited. In general, public holidays are held to let people celebrate or commemorate a festival or historical tradition of religious or cultural importance. Holidays also help people bond with their families and friends. Different countries observe different holidays with distinctive traditions and customs.

The concept of public holidays has gained popularity among the masses as it allows individuals to take off from their routine life for a few days and experience something new. Some popular holidays that are observed around the world include Christmas, New Year’s, Saint Valentine’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas and Hanukkah. People look forward to these holidays because they allow them to spend quality time with loved ones. Some other popular festivals that are celebrated around the world include Halloween, which is a celebration of all things dark and scary along with pumpkin carving and candy making, thanksgiving, which is a day for eating and sharing good food and sharing good luck and life, and Diwali, which is the festival of lights.

Holidays like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas and Chanukkah are traditionally observed by most of the people around the world on the fourth Sunday of the fasting month of Ramzan. Some other widely celebrated public holidays include mango and coconut water, which are usually drunk on Ramzan; Saint Nicholas, which are the patron saint of Kerala, who visited Kerala with his nativity train; and New Year’s, which are celebrated with much gusto by millions all over the world. Many local festivals are also observed all through the country during the festive season, which further adds to the zeal of the holiday lovers.

In India, however, most of the people celebrate Holidays with much more enthusiasm and fervor, as they allow individuals to spend much more time in their homes, with their loved ones and with all sorts of traditional and non-traditional Holidays activities. Holidays in India are generally classified into four: festivals, special occasions, holy days and other. Generally, most of the Indians’ best interests (usually) are taken care of during the festivals and special occasions such as Christmas, because they allow individuals to indulge in the heavy shopping spree, as well as participate in some fun-filled entertainment events. On the other hand, Holidays in India are generally more peaceful and relaxing, as they do not allow individuals to be involved in any kind of heavy shopping spree or participate in any fun filled entertainment events.

The federal government and several state governments issue holiday pay for the U.S. citizens residing in India, under the federal register. The federal government issues holiday pay on all U.S. citizens residing in India, on the basis of theireness of residence in India. Under this category of holidays, you will find a number of different names such as Rishikesh Holidays, Indian Holidays, Christening and New Year Holidays, Festival days and even Rodeo Holidays. These names clearly indicate that the holiday pay issued to the respective employees under this category is issued to them on the basis of their nationality or residence in India.

Holidays in India also allow individuals who are from a different religion to enjoy their holidays in a comfortable atmosphere. Most of the U.S. states celebrate their Holidays on the basis of Christian faith, whereas many countries like India celebrate their Holidays on the basis of their religion. Holidays in India are generally very peaceful, and rarely does any sort of violence or harm to anybody, ever occurs on any of these holidays. If somebody from the family decides to go for a vacation at any of the U.S. states on any of the Holidays, then their family members have full right to visit him or her, as per the holiday visa. You can also search the web and find out the different types of Holidays offered by the Indian government.