Traveling Terminology

Travelling refers to the general process of moving from one point to another. Travelling is also known as travel. Travel is the motion of individuals between different geographical locations. Travelling can be done by car, bike, foot, train, plane, train, bus, boat or any other mode, with or without personal luggage, and is either one way or circular journey. Tourists have a great deal of fun while travelling, but travellers should take care not to be in the care of strangers, nor should they travel during bad weather.

Travelling may also be accompanied by many activities such as sightseeing, eating, drinking, sports, games and other similar activities. Some of the most common types of travelling are on foot, by bicycle, by plane, by bus or by train. Travelling can also be by automobile or any other mode used for traveling between destinations. There are many different means of travelling, and the way you choose to travel depends entirely upon your preferences. The preferred spelling of the word is “travell” in British English, “traveller” in American English and “tourist” in Canada.

Traveling by Plane is quite a popular means of travelling among people. It is convenient, fast and saves one from spending too much time looking around for a place to stay. Plane cruising is a popular form of flying among commercial flights and is one of the ways that most people prefer to enjoy their holidays. A benefit of cruising is that it is an easy way of visiting more places. Airlines offer different routes to their customers, depending on the destination they want to visit. These different routes give tourists a wide choice of places to visit.

Another popular means of travelling is by train. It is faster than plane cruising and the preferred spelling of the word is “tray”. Train travelling is a convenient way of seeing various places, especially cities, while saving one’s time. The destination and the time of the train’s trip are displayed in the destination card which is handed over to the passengers while travelling. Train tickets have discounts and offers for the first hours and half and some trains even provide free drink or food.

Boat cruising is a common form of travelling among tourists who like to spend their vacations at sea. The preferred spelling of the word is “boats” in British English and “coastal cruise” in American English. British English has “the river cruise” while American English has “the cruise barge” to describe a type of ship used for taking tourist groups to destinations across the country.

Most people are unaware that there is another spelling of the word travel which is “traveller” in Canada and “tourist” in British English. In this case, the words “travel” and “trip” have a different meaning. The words “tourist” and “trouble” are used for describing itineraries for tours while “trouble” is used for describing a single experience. Thus, in British English, “trouble” and “tourist” are used to describe the same itineraries while “traveller” refers to a single traveller.