Travelling – Where the Word Travel came From?

Traveling is the moving of individuals between various geographical locations over a period of time. Travel can be performed by foot, car, bicycle, plane, train, bus, boat, truck or any other mode of transport, with or without personal luggage, to a single destination or around the world. In most cases travel is performed to an intermediate destination where one wants to visit or to return to. The most common modes of travel include air travel, rail and road transportation. Other ways of traveling are by sea, land and water.

In terms of lodging, traveling to the United States requires mainly hotel rooms. Almost all of the world class hotels in the United States are located in major cities. One can easily find good deals on rooms in the vicinity of the destinations where he/she desires to visit. The best deals on hotel rooms and flight tickets can easily be found, if one visits the World Wide Web. Various travel websites are available that help a traveler to plan his/her travels. It is also very easy to book tickets online through these websites.

The primary factor in deciding a traveller’s route is often the preferred spelling of a place or its name. A person’s language can sometimes help him/her to reach a particular destination with ease. For example, travelling from New York to Los Angeles (CA) can be a little more difficult than travelling from London to Paris (France). Therefore, it may be useful for a traveler to learn the local language and then travel using this spelling.

In some countries, British English is the widely used language. American English, however, has been gaining on the years because of the influx of immigrants from Canada and other western countries. Many foreign investors now prefer to purchase real estate in the United Kingdom (usually in the stronger cities) to foster the growth of the British economy. Therefore, most realtors tend to list properties with the preferred spelling of British English.

Certain parts of the United States follow British English. An example would be the New York area (especially Manhattan). The use of British English when travelling to this area is actually encouraged. For example, if you are staying in a hotel in Manhattan and want to buy a used car, you will most likely be offered an option of renting a car from the hotel. If you were to spell British English in the website, you may be offered the choice of using the American spelling of the words “car” and “car rental”. Therefore, if you really wanted to rent a car, you could just type “car rental car” or “car hire”.

As a final note: many cultures have their own unique variations of spelling and pronunciation. Although it would be impossible to determine the origin of each variation of the word travel, it is likely that some of them have originated in Great Britain. It is also likely that many travel related terms have come from other countries.